About CDP


Welcome, on behalf of Canadian Defensive Pistol (CDP).

For those new to the sport of Canadian Defensive Pistol (CDP), it is a competitive shooting sport designed to challenge shooters with potential real life scenarios and direct their focus to the skills necessary to do so. Along with many other skill sets, CDP is an excellent shooting discipline for law enforcement, security and other groups that have to re-qualify each year in order to be eligible to carry for duty purposes. An example of this would be the requirement to safely engage targets while moving from one point to another and, as a result, this sport provides skill challenges not found in most other shooting disciplines.

We have adopted the Vickers/Paladin scoring system with minor variations that we believe will make it easier and quicker to score targets. It should be noted that regardless of our rules and safety procedures the rules and procedures in place at the club level supercede our discipline specific rules. An example of this would be a club requirement to always face down range prior to drawing a pistol and engaging targets.

targetsmBased on consultation with shooters, retired & active lawmen and military personal we have designed a new target. It more accurately depicts appropriate hit zones and we are NOW accepting orders for the OFFICIAL CDP TARGET!

Please contact direct to expedite delivery of your ‘new target’.

We are actively soliciting instructors and members who are willing to participate in the administration and operation of our shooting sport. That will include those willing to serve on a governing body responsible for rules, matches and other matters

Comments, questions, suggestions and ideas are welcome. Please take a look at the Membership Section.